“I wish I could kiss you – I opened up my mail and got a check from the IRS – a big one! Much better than the 3000+ that I originally owed them!”  – Lois K.

“Thank you for helping me to recover money in excess of $10,000 which I had all but given up on – you’re the best!”  – Joe C.

“Thank you for getting back my wife’s driving privileges from NY State – she’s happy now and happy wife means happy life!”  –  Pedro D.

“Thank you for reducing my IRS debt from $4000 to zero.”  – Frankie D.

“NYS Department of Labor wanted to audit me, and you handled it for me. Net result, I owed them nothing – nice work!  –  Patrick D.

“You saved my butt with the IRS”  –  Josephine D.

“Thank you for handling my Conciliation Conference with NYS, thank you for winning and getting me back all my money, and thank you for the fact that I didn’t even have to be there.”  – Pearl B.