Tax Season is ON!

It’s a busy tax season and a few facts have emerged from the fog:

  1. Returns containing Earned Income Tax Credit or Child Tax Credit are being delayed by the IRS to the end of February.
  2. Many returns have been paid already, some with children
  3. Drivers License info and Bank Info is necessary to speed up refunds.
  4. Bank products such as Refund Transfer enable the prep fee to be paid from the refund.
  5. About 80 to 90% of taxpayers will do better next year all things being equal according to a study being done on my clients.
  6. Tax Doctor is in year round to handle tax problems (like NYS Letters) as well as wills, Life Insurance, Notary or anything involving paper, 24/7/365 availability, just call 718-702-8623.

Thank you,

See you soon!

Steve Lombardo


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